Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi, ISSN 2303-2006 (printed) ISSN 2477-5606 (Online), published by LP3 Fikom Unpad, published twice a year (June and December). In each edition, it received article that will be reviewed by internal and external editors. After that, article reviewed by at least two reviewers, who had related expertise. Article will be reviewed with double-blind peer review. Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi will publish selected paper under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0 International License. And, every article is free of charge for authors and readers.

Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi aims to encourage research in communication studies. Topics addressed within the journal include but not limited to:

  • Media and Text Analysis, this topic discuss social relation, especially a relation that aims to made production, distribution, and human consumption.
  • Political communication is a communication that employs message and political actor or related to power, government, and policy.
  • Cross-cultural communication is a communication between people with different culture (for instance race, ethnic, or socio-economic)
  • Business communication is an idea or opinion exchange, information, instruction among people (personal or non-personal) through a various symbol to achieve company goal.
  • Organizational communication discusses organizational behavior and explained about interactions between people within the organization.
  • Health communication discusses communication strategy to distribute health information within community or society. The aim of health communication is persuading individual or society in making decision about health activity



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