Determining of Water Chiller Usage Time on Potato Crop Based on Distribution Temperature of Root Zone

Drupadi Ciptaningtyas, Iqbal Zaqlul, Herry Suhardiyanto


The difference of lowland and upland ambient temperature, around 7 C, is an obstacle to plant highland crop in the lowlands. Therefore, many methods were applied to adjust this condition, for example the application of water chiller to decrease the temperature of nutrient solution. However, until now the application of water chiller has not been optimum, because generally water chiller work all day for 24 hours, without considering the actual microenvironment of the plant. This study aims to optimize the application of water chiller for potato crops that usually plant in lowland, by determining the time of use of water chiller based on the distribution temperature of root zone that was simulated by Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD). This research begins with making a CFD simulation by Solidworks 2011 software, consisting of preprocessing, solving, and post-processing stages. The results show that water chiller for potato plants only needs to be activated from 08.00 to 17.00 o'clock, because only around that time the temperature of the root area exceeds the optimum temperature for the potato crop growth.

Keywords: rice husk char, fluid simulation, CFD, potato plant, temperature distribution

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